Kenma try too sick away from moving boxes to help you retort brand new quip into his peak

Kenma try too sick away from moving boxes to help you retort brand new quip into his peak

In lieu of finding out about at Kenma even when, he had been staring off within his give, carrying him or her out like there is things uncommon about them

Instead he seated down get across-legged prior to the pantry where in actuality the plates had been designed commit, and moved on her or him that-by-that about cardboard package on a neat stack.

They has worked in a comfortable silence together, save Kuroo humming some pop sounds when he piled cups and you may mugs on to their shelf.

The brand new quiet was shattered because of the sound regarding glass showing up in floors, crushing for the numerous pieces. Kenma whipped their direct around to find Kuroo condition across the remains off a glass it seemed he would decrease.

Kenma got to his legs, vision surveying the scene before your. “Dont disperse, you might occur to step-on glass and you will reduce yourself.”

“Screw, Kenma, I’m very sorry. I am not sure how it happened, it really slipped.” Kuroo’s brows was removed together. Kuroo got not ever been an especially awkward individual, however, accidents occurred. Kenma know one to. Glasses had been replaceable.

“It’s okay, it is simply a cup. Do you know and this field the fresh new dustpan and you may broom come in?” The sooner the guy got it mess eliminated up, new not likely Kuroo would affect harm himself.

Which have a good nod out of their lead, Kenma got new boxcutter regarding atop the kitchen bench and you will ventured into home. Sure enough, there is an excellent cardboard field that have Kuroo’s familiar handwriting labelled just in the way Kuroo got told you it could be.

Kenma fast cut-through the package, rummaged through to discover the dustpan and you can coordinating broom, and you can delivered it to the kitchen having your. Kuroo was still standing regarding the same location.

“Did you reduce your hands?” Kenma questioned, voice softer. He would not come across people injury, however, whom knew. The guy crouched to your flooring and you can first started capturing the new shards off mug towards short dustpan.

Kenma hummed responding. “They have been most likely just a bit sore away from carrying packets as much as most of the date. Do you want me to seem?” Kenma didn’t understand what he’d be looking for, but the guy wanted to set Kuroo’s mind relaxed.

Endurance of the fittest cup

“It is all right. Right here, render myself the fresh dustpan, I’ll sweep.” Kuroo reached away because of it, but Kenma shook his lead, take the fresh dustpan aside.

“You just stand truth be told there and look fairly, I am nearly done anyhow,” Kenma teased. It absolutely was real, he previously already cleaned all of the glass. Crisis stopped.

Kenma shook his direct. Kuroo’s designs of being concern with menial something ended up being some thing you to definitely Kenma was actually trying to convenience him off because these were infants. Constantly, it did. But there were moments like these, moments completely erratic to Kenma, where it can build by itself identified again. Not that they annoyed Kenma at all, the guy only need Kuroo becoming happy.

“It’s not a big deal,” Kenma shrugged. “Simply a glass. We have such as for instance, fifteen kept. There are just two of you that real time here. It actually was a sign i ordered too many. ”

Kuroo’s head had been downturned. Immediately after Kenma got thrown away the mug, the guy got to his foot and you will reached Kuroo, wrapping their fingers to your. “You okay?”

Kuroo satisfied his look, Kenma battled to inform what he was convinced. “Yeah. Yeah, I am good. Sorry to worry your, kitten.”

“Nothing to be sorry regarding.” Kenma unhooked one of his true palms from all over Kuroo’s hips, and tapped his cheek. “For many who genuinely wish to create as much as myself whether or not.”

And simply that way, common smile you to definitely Kenma regarding the being household is actually right back across the Kuroo’s face. The guy leaned down, craning their neck to put a hug towards Kenma’s cheek where their thumb had simply come leading. When he removed straight back, Kenma forced give, this time around position their throat for the Kuroo’s individual. After the guy thought Kuroo’s arms wrap around their back, the guy dissolved on the kiss, well stuff to keep like that for the remainder of the fresh new day.

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