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Who we are

The National Forum against Gender-Based Violence (Forum against GBV, also known as the GBV Forum) Sri Lanka was set up in 2005 following a consultation with selected agencies working on gender–based violence (GBV) in order to facilitate greater coordination, sharing of information/ resources and to strengthen multi-sectoral responses to GBV during the aftermath of the Tsunami.

At present, the National Forum against GBV is a collective of over 50 agencies comprising of the Government, United Nations, national and international non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations and individual experts in the field.

With the leadership of UNFPA as the Chair of the Forum, the Forum is now the national level platform for coordinated advocacy and collective actions against GBV in Sri Lanka.

Guiding Principles


As the lead UN agency addressing issues related to gender-based violence (GBV) in Sri Lanka, UNFPA is delighted to play a role as the chair of the National Forum Against Gender-based Violence since its inception in 2005. Achieving gender equality is a cross cutting priority affecting all other development issues in the world, as is reflected in the 5th Sustainable Development Goal: “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.”

A study conducted by UNFPA in 2015 reveals that 90% of women using public transport experience sexual harassment of some form in Sri Lanka. This study brings to the light just one aspect of GBV among many others which are yet to be uncovered. Here at the Forum, numerous organizations, parties, individuals and networks come together to share knowledge and realize greater and wider impact through collective advocacy and action against GBV in the country.

Let us continue “to be the change (we) want to see” through united and coordinated action towards eliminating GBV in Sri Lanka. I hope that this website will serve as a great source of information and inspiration to all of you who have interest in and commitment to eliminating GBV from Sri Lanka.

Thank you.

Ritsu Nacken
Co-Chair, National Forum Against GBV
Representative, UNFPA

message from the second co-chair

Oxfam believes that the sustainable development of both a country and society cannot be achieved without the full participation and contribution of women. At Oxfam in Sri Lanka, we are committed to working on finding supportive methods and models to fulfill the potential of 52% of the population. Oxfam is working to support women to be able to live free from violence, have equal access to services and resources and are empowered to be role models of change. Our approach is to continuously work on research, learning and analysis to identify niches, guide programming, and raise the bar for gender-inclusive and gender-sensitive policies and practices. We are looking forward to co-chairing the Forum, bring new energy to the table and drive to make the change that we envision, a reality. Our ambition is to take gender discussions beyond the gender circles and create wider engagement. We are committed to taking this challenge together with you to achieve zero tolerance against gender-based violence.

Thank you.

Bojan Kolundzija
Co-Chair, National Forum Against GBV
Country Director - Oxfam in Sri Lanka